Meet the Candidate

Every four years, the ballot for our local elections has the same names, from the same political party, most of whom are all the same gender, giving us the same government we’ve always had. But Oldham County isn’t the same as it was when I moved here 16 years ago, so why hasn’t our leadership changed, too?

My name is Leah Bradley and I’m running for Magistrate in District 7 of Oldham County, Kentucky.

Growing up, my family lived in five different states, but I’ve called Kentucky home for more than 25 years and chose Oldham County as the place I wanted to buy my first (and only) house and raise my two sons – Conor, a sophomore at South Oldham High School, and Liam, a 7th grader at South Oldham Middle School.

I am connected to our community in a variety of ways – most of which involve education – from substitute teaching to coordinating an annual art program for students with special needs, serving as Artist in Residence for the Oldham County Schools Arts Center to leading children’s programs every summer at Yew Dell Botanical Gardens. I’ve been a member of PTA at all levels – local, district, and state – and currently serve as a member of the communications team for Kentucky PTA. I also established and now manage the only Creative Reuse Center in our state – housed in the basement of the Arts Center, providing free materials for teachers, artists and students throughout Oldham County.

As an upcycler myself, I’ve spent my life perfecting the art of finding potential in the most unlikely places and things. It’s a skill that’s served me well, in all my previous careers, whether I was mentoring graduate students and helping them find their first job or planning a regional event on a budget better suited for a small birthday party. It’s made me a successful fundraiser, a creative problem solver, a natural at networking, even a better parent, because I look past what something used to be and strive to see what it can be.

So, what potential do you see for our county?

A magistrate is a caretaker, who listens and learns, and then votes on behalf of the people she represents. That makes this campaign as much yours as it is mine, because electing me means your voice will be heard in fiscal court, your vision will provide direction for our county, and your vote will decide what issues take priority. I invite you to join me in looking beyond what’s been and toward what could be, by voting for me this November!