Meet the Candidate

Every four years, the ballot for our local elections has the same names, from the same political party, most of whom are all the same gender, giving us the same government we’ve always had. But Oldham County isn’t the same as it was when I moved here 16 years ago, so why hasn’t our leadership changed, too?

My name is Leah Bradley and I’m running for Magistrate in District 7 of Oldham County, Kentucky.

Growing up, my family lived in five different states, but I’ve called Kentucky home for more than 25 years and chose Oldham County as the place I wanted to buy my first (and only) house and raise my two sons – Conor, a junior at South Oldham High School, and Liam, an 8th grader at South Oldham Middle School.

Women candidates in Oldham County: (l-r) Shelli Ernst, Leah Bradley, Cheri Via, Joelle Kerfoot, Diane Seaman, and Karin Soltau.

When people ask me who I’m running against, I like to say I’m not running againstĀ anyone; I’m runningĀ for Oldham County,.

As the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, as a teacher who creates art programs for students with special needs, as an artist who established our county’s first creative reuse center to provide supplies for teachers and divert resources from the landfill, I know how to advocate for the people and programs that make a difference. My years spent working for non-profits trained me how to use budgets wisely, account for what is spent, and stretch them as far as possible. My theological training sharpened my critical thinking and broadened my ability to listen to all perspectives, in addition to underscoring my already inherent belief in transparency and ethical behavior. And life as a single parent makes multitasking, problem-solving and finding missing objects my forte.

If these are skills you’d like to see employed on behalf of Oldham County, I welcome your vote on November 6.